16th-century carving of Pope Alexander VI. (1431-1503)

Finally, after years of petitioning the French Historical Administration, we are at last permitted to export this 16th-century carving of Pope Alexander VI. (1431-1503) Spanish-born into the infamous Borgia family, he was controversial for fathering a number of offspring with mistresses while wearing the papal robes. Along with his libertine ways Alexander VI was also a noted statesman, orator and philosopher. Under his reign as pope, he helped shape construction standards for many new churches built throughout Europe. After an early career plagued by scandal, it was the death of his son Francis that prompted Alexander VI to dedicate the remainder of his life to the moral reform of the church. As an important religious and political figure, and as a Borgia, Alexander VI’s legacy endures not only in the historical record and classical literature, but also in plays, film, and television of today.

While not considered handsome even as a young man, it was said that his genial wit and great intelligence made him quite appealing to both men and women alike. Wouldn’t you like to invite this captivating figure to stay at your house? Or, perhaps he would be content in a discreet corner of your garden. Think of the stories he could tell!