Ah, Springtime Gardens!

There is no better way to enjoy springtime than relaxing in our gardens and treasuredoutdoor living spaces. Whether strolling manicured stone-paved walkways or lingering on a special garden seat, our lawns, terraces, and gardens give us the opportunity to de-stress and refresh ourselves. We create our outdoor spaces to cherishand enhance nature’s beauty and express our creative selves. F... Read More

16th-century carving of Pope Alexander VI. (1431-1503)

Finally, after years of petitioning the French Historical Administration, we are at last permitted to export this 16th-century carving of Pope Alexander VI. (1431-1503) Spanish-born into the infamous Borgia family, he was controversial for fathering a number of offspring with mistresses while wearing the papal robes. Along with his libertine ways Alexander VI was also a noted statesman, orator ... Read More


Imagine our delight when we happened across this amazing Baroque period antique. Now imagine the gravitas it that would bring to your sophisticated residence or garden design project. Villa? Oh! This rare fountain was carved in the 1600’S from massive limestone boulders sourced from ancient quarries in Northern Italy. Created without the aid of any modern machinery, the rough and unfinished ... Read More


We had an extremely productive buying trip in Europe, sourcing a new collection of exciting architectural materials and products. During our travels we found a number of important period pieces and some wonderfully decorative ones, including this hand-carved limestone gazebo. This beautiful garden element is full of fine details including a variety of hand-carved design motifs atop th... Read More