A House with No Fireplace, is a House Without a Heart

The heart of an attractive house is where you, your family and your friends enjoy is the fireplace. It is near the same fireplace, where you sit and relax in that harsh cold weather with a book by your side or have a few drinks with your friends. Each and every part of this area should be built with ethnicity to make sure that the vintage taste doesn’t go. The mantle which covers the most important part of the living room enhances the look and comfort of the house. Each mantel is custom built according to fireplace, so having the right mantle is the most important task. If you want to get a lot of varieties or you are looking for a custom built mantle, Pittetarch is the right option for you. We at Pittetarch make sure that our customers have an amazing variety of options to choose from

When choosing a fireplace mantel, each and everything should be taken into consideration. Even the most beautiful mantle would not look nice if size is not proper. With the below few simple steps and easy measurements, you can ensure a perfect fit which your home deserves. Following steps would help you select and finalize the perfect mantle which your home deserves.


  • Fireplace opening height: Measure the height of your fireplace opening from the base to the height.
  • Fireplace opening width: Just like the height, measure the width of the opening from end to end.
  • Fireplace depth: Measure the distance of the facing materials. The facing materials are the non-combustible materials, such as brick, that jut out from the point of installation.

We at Pittetarch, believe in giving a lifetime service to our client. Your dream fireplace mantle is just a call away. Please feel free to connect, our professional consultant will help you finalize the best option available instantly.