Accentuate your Home Décor with Antique Mantels

Mantels are indeed the epicenter of our living places which bring the charm and character to their surroundings. Without the mantel, there wouldn’t be much to be excited about a fireplace.
Well, if you are planning to set up your fireplace with an effective mantel without sacrificing the traditional feel of your living space, consider placing an antique mantel that will allow you to maintain the desired elegance. These antique mantels capture a timeless and sophisticated look which has long been associated with ornate fireplaces in mansions and palaces.
Before going to search for antique fireplace mantels for your home, you may consider the following buying tips that will help you in search.

  1. Consider the period of your home. If you’re determined to be historically accurate in a restoration, it will limit your choices of available mantels. On the other hand, mixing architectural details from differing periods can create visually stunning rooms – if it’s done with a careful eye for detail and design.
  2. Study the wood working and detail in your home for repeated motifs. In fact, do yourself one better – take photographs of details that are especially striking and take them with you on your hunt. Many of the carving details found in crown moldings and door lintels were repeated in antique fireplace mantels. It’s not unheard of to find a wooden or stone mantelpiece with carvings that exactly match your existing wood working.
  3. Figure out the overall dimensions of your room. The reason being, you want the fireplace mantel to be an epicenter, not an overpowering attention grabber.
  4. Measure the entire width of your existing fireplace, but don’t be strictly bound by it. Especially if you are choosing to hang a free standing mantel on the wall, you can get by with a mantelpiece that’s considerably wider than your hearth. In fact, you can incorporate it into a striking design statement.

You will find many stores in Texas which are equipped with the exquisite collection of fireplace mantels promising to keep you warm and cozy even on the chilliest days!