Antique Fireplace Mantel: a Luxury or Necessity for Your Palace?

Where do you feel the ultimate comfort and peace after a long tiring day? Which place is most close to your heart and witnesses all your ups and downs? The most secure place is no other than our own house. We are always keen on giving new look to our home and while we keep looking for unique antique pieces to decorate various parts of our house it is always difficult to choose the right piece to match up with the theme and color of the house. This is even more difficult when you are selecting the best fireplace mantle to keep the house nice and warm.


A unique and antique fireplace can give your living room a whole renovation yet maintain the desired elegance while keeping your place warm and cozy. Do not compromise on your on the traditional feel of your living space, simply set up the fireplace with an efficient mantel for your mansion or palace. Now the question arises how? Well, we have an answer for you. Continue reading to know more.


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Where else would you find experienced staff trained in history and unique inventory of antique fireplace mantels that can fulfill your desires of matching up with the classic design of the house while keeping the house warm and cozy. The best design professionals, builders, and landscape architects at Pittet Architecturals duly understand the requirements of the clients and are masters in taking you through the entire range of antique marble, limestone or contemporary hand carved limestone Mantels. They have timeless access to master limestone stone carvers. You might want to design your our custom Mantels.


To make this even more easier for you the showroom is open Monday to Friday 9 to 5, with prior notice, special appointments can be fixed at your comfort. Also, you can book your appointment even for off hours or off days, isn’t that great? Please feel free to connect, for more details visit the website and your antique design professional is just a call away.