Still unpacking at Pittet Architecturals.

The sheer size and weight of many of the new mantels is truly monumental. We are excited to get them prepped and set-up on the showroom floor. Among the sheer mass of ancient stone, we are pleased to present something, shall we say…
A bit more delicate?


Rendered with incredible precision and beautiful jewel tones are these 4 stained glass panels from Switzerland. They contain the date 1567, and are believed to depict the original cantons (states) of the Swiss confederacy. They must be sold as a single lot. Each panel measures 89.5”H x 18.5”W x 5/8”D
…..And unusual?


Polished to perfection, they are reflective as hematite gems.
We are pleased to show this pair of decorative marble spheres. Predominately jet black with subtle smoky grey veins, each sphere has a circumference of 59 inches, and stand about 18” tall.
More Mantels…
…as you would expect nothing less from your antique limestone specialist. Presented for your approval:

This “tall boy” mantel…
With pleasing proportions and serviceable dimensions this one is on the tall and narrow side. It measures 67”H x 63.5”W x 27+”D. Firebox: 54”H x 43.25”W. The original limestone has a honey-colored patina. This unadorned style represents the classic rustic farmhouse mantel found everywhere throughout the French countryside.
Perhaps you require something more formal?

Consider this Directoire style antique limestone mantelpiece. Not too large or small, it measures 44.5”H x 66.25”W x 20.5+”D. The Firebox is 37”H x 56.25”W. The front piece is carved with the quiver and torch, a popular attribute appearing after the French Revolution. The supporting legs are fluted and topped by typical “rosace” medallions.

Out of the house and into the garden, then?

A palmier for your palm tree…

A large limestone planter with classic palmette motifs repeating in a large band around the front and sides. The back is flattened so it can sit securely against a wall. 17.25”H x 29.25”W x 19.24”D

We haven’t even started setting up the marble mantels, and I’ve counted at least 5 still bundled. There’s so much more to come!