A House with No Fireplace, is a House Without a Heart

The heart of an attractive house is where you, your family and your friends enjoy is the fireplace. It is near the same fireplace, where you sit and relax in that harsh cold weather with a book by your side or have a few drinks with your friends. Each and every part of this area should be built with ethnicity to make sure that the vintage taste doesn't go. The mantle which covers the most impor... Read More

Lions, Parrots and Dragons : Fireback Designs for Everyones’ Fancy

Firebacks were an essential part of European homes for centuries. These heavycast iron panels providedsafety, efficiency, and décor to the ubiquitous hearths of houses and gathering places. Placed against the back wall of the firebox, their function was two-fold: protect the posterior walls from sparks and flames, and retain and reflect back the relatively meager heat generated by wood fires. ... Read More