A House with No Fireplace, is a House Without a Heart

The heart of an attractive house is where you, your family and your friends enjoy is the fireplace. It is near the same fireplace, where you sit and relax in that harsh cold weather with a book by your side or have a few drinks with your friends. Each and every part of this area should be built with ethnicity to make sure that the vintage taste doesn't go. The mantle which covers the most impor... Read More

Antique Fireplace Mantel: a Luxury or Necessity for Your Palace?

Where do you feel the ultimate comfort and peace after a long tiring day? Which place is most close to your heart and witnesses all your ups and downs? The most secure place is no other than our own house. We are always keen on giving new look to our home and while we keep looking for unique antique pieces to decorate various parts of our house it is always difficult to choose the right piece t... Read More

Accentuate your Home Décor with Antique Mantels

Mantels are indeed the epicenter of our living places which bring the charm and character to their surroundings. Without the mantel, there wouldn't be much to be excited about a fireplace. Well, if you are planning to set up your fireplace with an effective mantel without sacrificing the traditional feel of your living space, consider placing an antique mantel that will allow you to mainta... Read More


Two jam-packed containers have arrived this week and we are up to our elbows setting up our fabulous new inventory. Too many new pieces for a single post! As usual, the new and the fabulous get quickly claimed, so don’t delay in visiting the showroom. Here is a peek at some of our great finds: Mantels, Mantels, Mantels! Masculine, yet elegant... Equally suitable for a formal residence ... Read More