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MA474 ____ Dutch Baroque Style Andirons c. 1850


MA474 ____ Dutch Baroque Style Andirons c. 1850


MA474 ____ Dutch Baroque Style Andirons c. 1850


Pair of Dutch Baroque style andirons, made of polished bronze and wrought iron. These antique bronze-fronted French Chenets (andirons) have a lovely reflective polished patina. Andirons, Chenets, fire-dogs, moon idols, moon horns, are just some of the historical names for these useful household objects. In ancient times they were fashioned from stone, or even ceramic, but once iron-working became established, most andirons and fire-backs were created from this easy to shape metal. It was not until the Renaissance period that the front vertical element became increasingly decorative. Cast bronze, brass and silver ornamentation was added as decorative fronts to make the functional ever more beautiful.

Measurements: H 25 in. x W 15 in. x D 27 in.

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