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318 Cole Street
Dallas, TX, 75207
United States


FO47 ____ Hand-Carved Well Inspired Central Fountain


FO47 ____ Hand-Carved Well Inspired Central Fountain


FO47 ____ Hand-Carved Well Inspired Central Fountain


Here we offer a hand-carved limestone fountain that was inspired by the many antique well heads across France. Our carvers have created a fountain that can be viewed from a 360 degree perspective that is not your traditional central fountain. The risen side that creates the back plate features an iron downspout and a defined border to complete the custom look. The echo of the water dropping into the deep well of a basin will be old world music to the ears of your family and friends as you enjoy this custom fountain in your garden or courtyard. Origin: France Measurements: 44 1/4" W x 53" H x 46 1/2" D


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