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V012 ____ Antique Oversized Terracotta Olive Oil Jar c. 1850


V012 ____ Antique Oversized Terracotta Olive Oil Jar c. 1850


Antique, oversized, terracotta, olive oil jar with stand Thousands of years ago, the precious, delicious, and healthy oil of olives was stored in jars. These jars were high shouldered, and short necked. There was that long length of time when olive oil was not processed for export, bottled, and shipped. It was stored in jars, the design of which helped to keep the oil fresh. Every country that makes pots produces its own version of the olive jar. In my own collection of handmade terracotta is this olive jar which dates back to the 18th century. Origin: Greece circa 1850. Measurements: 63" height x 49" weight.

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