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17th Century French Gazebo

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We had an extremely productive buying trip in Europe, sourcing a new collection of exciting architectural materials and products. During our travels we found a number of important period pieces and some wonderfully decorative ones, including this hand-carved limestone gazebo. This beautiful garden element is full of fine details including a variety of hand-carved design motifs atop the classical columns. The top of the capitals display egg and dart carving underpinned with swags of garlands and fruit. The columns support the architrave which features a frieze of acanthus leaves and shields. The ironwork trellis is hand-rolled and in excellent condition. Where would you place this charming architectural feature on your estate grounds? Centered in a classical garden, or tucked away for secret rendezvous in a special arbor? Imagine this charming gazebo as the main visual complement to any lakeside or pool area.

Origin: France - 1750's

Measurements: 147' H x 110' W

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