Robinson & Raymond Pittet

Meet the Visionaries Who Paved the Path

At the heart of Pittet Architecturals lies the indomitable spirit of Raymond Pittet, a pioneer in the realm of antique carpets, tapestries, and tribal weavings. Over three decades, he honed his skills, carving a name as an expert in the field. But the last 30 years witnessed a seamless evolution—a passion gracefully transformed into the realm of European architectural elements. Raymond's global voyages formed connections within the Antique and Artisan trades, enabling him to curate monthly shipments of masterworks infused with history, enriching home and garden interiors.

The year 2020 heralded a pivotal transition. Robinson Pittet, Raymond's son and a torchbearer of the second generation, embraced the role of Vice President, spearheading day-to-day operations. Rooted in a profound understanding of architecture and European elements, Robinson ushered in a fresh perspective. He injected contemporary standards, harmonizing with proven methods while exploring uncharted territories. The symphony of father and son, a partnership solid as stone, remains the bedrock of our triumph. As Raymond's dedication to bringing masterwork architectures to Dallas persists, retirement remains a distant notion.

Today, Pittet Architecturals stands tall as a premier importer of European architectural elements in the United States. Our Dallas showroom, nestled in the vibrant Design District, sprawls across 40,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor expanse. Within this sanctuary where artistry dances with history, a captivating ensemble awaits—hand-carved antique marble, limestone mantels, fireplace surrounds, antique fountains, garden decor, furniture, antique doors, and entry gates, all bearing the hallmark of excellence.

Our privilege extends further—a key to France's revered master stone carvers and artisans unlocks the doors to bespoke French creations. Beyond being a resource, we are a guiding light for those seeking the finest in reclaimed European stone and oak flooring.

Each member of our team carries forth the legacy, embracing the tapestry of history woven into each unique piece. With over a decade's worth of experience, we seamlessly collaborate with Dallas' eminent design professionals, builders, and landscape architects.

Having exclusive access to many of Frances’s best-recognized master stone carvers and artisans, Pittet Architecturals makes Dallas’ only resource for custom-designed French pieces and receiving the finest in reclaimed European stone and oak flooring.

Our staff fully understands and respects the history of each of our unique selections of inventory and provides 10+ years of experience working with Dallas’ best local design professionals, builders, and landscape architects. Our showroom is located in the Dallas Design District and is open Monday through Friday from 9-5.

We look forward to helping on your next design project!