There are no boundaries to what you can find, modify, and create with Pittet Architecturals. We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions for your convenience. Here you will find the answers to all your questions. If you still wish to contact us, send an e-mail at

Do you do custom work or do you only offer antiques?

We do accommodate custom designs and fabrication. We can help you design a custom limestone mantel or fountain, amongst other items, from one of our existing designs or from your own photographs and artwork. We work closely with a “Living Heritage” group of carvers in the South of France to bring your custom designs to life. We can recreate the antique texture and patina of the period pieces we have in the store or we can have the stone left very clean-edged and honed for any of your contemporary design needs.

Are you open to the public or do I need a trade professional to shop in your store?

We are open to the public as well as to the trade. While the experience and talent of a good designer, builder, or architect will always help with a difficult project, we also deal directly with homeowners looking to use any of our merchandise in their projects.

What are your store hours and are you open on weekends?

We are open Monday-Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. We can also meet you on a weekend if we know what time you are available. We can discuss with you an appointment time and be available on a Saturday or Sunday for those that are simply too busy to get to the store during the week.

What is the lead time on orders from overseas?

We can expect a 9-day minimum lead time on custom orders and items for that we do not have the quantity in stock to fill an order. All pricing listed includes all shipping costs and foreign and domestic from Europe to Dallas. The shipping from our store to your job site will be the only concern for you after the purchase.

Where does your merchandise come from?

We are direct importers from Europe and our entire inventory comes from somewhere around the Mediterranean coastline. We have merchandise from France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and many other desirable locations around Europe.

Do you install the fountains, mantels, and doors from your store in my home?

We have several contractors that we have worked in concert with over the last decade. While we are not insured and bonded to perform this type of work in your home, our contractors of preference are. They will come to your home, provide a free estimate, and discuss in detail the scope of the work and any suggestions or requests you may have. A fountain needs to be installed with all future maintenance in mind, as well as the proper support, plumbing, lighting, and drainage in order to accomplish a successful install. A mantel needs to be properly installed, as well, in order to have the required fire codes satisfied, safely, and with the correct color mortar to compliment the stone. There is also the need for the proper dressing for your firebox in the way of antique firebrick to give the old world touch. When it comes to the doors, we have a shop in-house that can alter the dimensions, refinish, fabricate missing hardware and fabricate the needed boards for a matching jamb and trim. The actual installation of the door in the home we leave to your builder and carpenter on site.