We're excited to be part of your design journey and want to ensure everything goes smoothly, especially when it comes to getting your merchandise to you. We understand that managing the logistics part can be a bit challenging, so we've put together some information to help you plan ahead.

Storage Policy

We offer a grace period of 45 days from the date of purchase for you to arrange the pickup of your purchased items. We highly encourage you to make arrangements ahead of time to avoid any storage issues down the line.

Our space is quite limited, and while we wish we could hold items longer, any items left beyond 45 days will be moved to a third-party storage facility. This service incurs a monthly fee, so we'll touch base with you before the 45-day deadline approaches to help you make arrangements and avoid any unnecessary costs in case you do not wish your merchandise to be sent to the third-party storage facility.

Shipping and Handling

Please note that our sales agreement doesn't cover any transportation or packaging services. However at an additional cost, we have a network of trusted shipping carriers that we recommend based off location, type of delivery service (white glove delivery), and other requirements that meet your needs for a smooth and worry-free delivery.


We do not directly provide installation services. However, we have a network of trusted and experienced professionals in the field of contractors, designers, and landscapers whom we highly recommend for installing our architectural elements such as fountains, mantels, and other elements.

Please contact us and we'll gladly provide you with recommendations based on your specific requirements and location.