French Limestone Wall Fountain


An antique limestone wall fountain that is an impressive, monumental work to behold. Reclaimed from an estate outside of Avignon, France it was originally incorporated to the back wall of a small chapel on the property. The small window originally served as a "pass through" to the chapel and the table might have been a favorite place to have lunch or sit for a glass of wine by the soothing acoustics of water cascading down from the iron downspout. Let the history of this fountain become part of the history of your project and see if you don't find a new favorite place to sit and have that well-deserved break from the daily grind. Originates from France 18th century elements, c. 1780



Overall- 119" W x 48" D x 83" H

Wall- 9" Thick

Trough- 33" W x 39" D x 17" H

Table- 27" W x 39" D x 30 3/4" H




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